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Wolf's Cross#3 Loki’s Wolves Series

Fear the reckoning of those you have wronged.

Notorious Hunter King Jake Barrett lives his life according to a warrior’s creed.  His forces are hard-pressed, outnumbered, and outgunned.  Malevolent gods threaten his six-year-old son. In desperation, he extends his hand to his ancient friend and foe for help.

Valkyrie Victoria Storm follows the path Odin laid out, but each step carries the priestess farther from Freya’s favor. She works to unify the werewolf tribes and forge an alliance with the hunters. Trouble brews on the home front. The dominant males in her pack are at each other’s throats. A killer in her territory is skinning wolves; the evidence points to one of Odin’s worshipers.

Loki hides among mortal men, a shadow of his greater glory.  Under the command of the Necromancer, the Trickster’s undead army grows ever more powerful. He counts the days until he collects on what he is owed, but he harbors more regret than satisfaction. His wolf children speak his name with derision. Those he seeks to help recoil from him.  Justice for the God of Lies means the end of all life. Loki’s warnings fall on deaf ears but he knows—

Fate shelters the ember that will spark the fire. Reckoning for the day when the world burns.

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Boxedset1Victoria Storm lost everything when hunters killed most of her pack in retaliation for the death of her lover, Daniel Barrett, the Hunter King’s oldest son.  In a modern setting where Loki’s wolf-shifter children war with Odin’s followers, one woman fights for the survival of her people. With the onset of Norse doom of the world, she becomes swept up in the treacherous games of the gods.

Winter of the Heart is a bundled set which includes the first three books in the Loki’s Wolves series.

  1. Valkyrie’s Vengeance, Book 0
  2. Hunger Moon, Book 1
  3. Battle Cry, Book 2

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