Fragile Gods — #6 Loki’s Wolves



 #6 Loki’s Wolves Series

Prince of Asgard. Heir to the Wild Hunt.

Sawyer Barrett grew up far from his divine birthright, raised as a hunter of monsters in Phoenix, Arizona. He failed in his duty as slayer and guardian. While in a berserker rage, he killed a wolf-shifter child of the Storm Pack.

Blood must be repaid in blood.

He pledges to protect the people he wronged, but enemies lurk on all sides—shape changing shamans, an ancient witch, and the Norse Fates. Sawyer’s downfall may come from within when the woman he’s deceived for so long learns the truth about his murderous past.

Fragile gods endure loss… at the cost of a hand or a life.

In a treacherous world of lies and deceit, Sawyer must determine who to trust or destroy. Ice threatens to consume the world, and his most unlikely ally, Loki’s son, represents Sawyer’s best shot at saving those he loves.

ISBN (ebook):  978-1-942193-22-7


Published:  To be released

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Norse & Viking Folklore

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