Hunter’s Mark



Loki’s Wolves

#5 Ragnarök: Doom of the Gods

ER Nurse Victoria Storm anticipates a joyous Winter Nights ceremony with her wolf-shifter pack, but a determined hunter upsets all her plans. Daniel Barrett wants her help because he suspects a ghost is behind his friend’s disappearance. As a pagan priestess and spirit-speaker, she can discover things he can’t. He’s as sexy as he is persistent—she finds him impossible to refuse. Throw in a trip to a remote Arizona town, a haunted hotel, and a lost gold mine, and their evening is about to get interesting.

ISBN-13: 9781942193180 (ebook)

ISBN-13: 978-1981980390 (paperback)


Published: Jan. 3, 2017

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Norse & Viking Folklore


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Suggested reading order for Loki’s Wolves:

#0. Hunter’s Mark (Prequel)

#1. Valkyrie’s Vengeance

#2. Hunger Moon

#3. Battle Cry

#4. Wolf’s Cross

#5. Hunter’s Mark (a prequel)

#6. Fragile Gods (To be released)

#7. Blood Brothers (To be released)


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